A Change In Perspective “Getting The Shot” Break Out The Drone!

February 16, 2015

Recently we started using drone technology at Kusler Yachts to add another element to the high-end boats and yachts we offer for sale.  Its all about the little things in our industry that set you apart from the others.

Below are a few still shots from the photo shoot as well as video presentation featuring 75′ Titan Marine “C-Bandit” located at Kusler Yachts docks at the beautiful Kona Kai Resort and Marina.

Hopefully you can see the effort that we continue to put into our boats and yachts for sale. Here at Kusler Yachts we are constantly trying to stay on the leading edge of technology as well as “out of the box” ways of presenting our product.

Zachary Zorn of “Over The Top Images” breaks out the drone for the shoot.

Up Up and Away – View from the drone above

Filming and photo credit goes to Zachary Zorn of “Over The Top Image” and Kyler Smith of “Saturated Visuals” For more information about listing your boat with Kusler Yachts please contact us at [email protected].

You can list a boat with anyone, why not with Kusler Yachts?