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The Kusler Yachts Buying Process

The first step in finding the right boat is to understand what you need and how you will use it.

While Kusler’s team of yacht experts can lead you through everything from initial offer through closing, our approach to finding the perfect boat for your situation is much more comprehensive.

In fact, Kusler Yachts’ specialty involves just that—making sure that you get the boat you need to make the most of your boat ownership experience.  We work with everyone from career captains with decades of experience to first time boat owners and understand the variables related to every situation in between.

The Kusler Buying process for buying involves the following steps.

“We are here to help. We want to give you what you want, when you want it. At Kusler Yachts, we understand that time is of the essence.”  Michael Kusler

1. Determining the type of boat that best suits your vision of boat ownership.

How will you use the boat—fishing, cruising, extended liveaboard expeditions? Discuss purchase and maintenance budgets and your plans for dockage and crew (and whether or not you plan to hire a captain).

For a complete breakdown of Kusler Yachts’ approach to finding the perfect boat for your vision, read this.

2. Finding Your Next Boat

Upon discussing the perfect boat for your vision, Kusler’s team can then provide recommendations on vessel type and model. Whether it be new or used, custom or production, sportfishing yacht, motor yacht or fishing center console, available on the West Coast or East Coast—our team can source the perfect boat for you.

3. Market Analysis and Logistics

Once we finalize a list of boats that meet your criteria, Kusler’s team can provide expert advice on pricing. Kusler provides market analysis and factory pricing to determine exactly what a vessel is worth (if you are selling an existing boat as you purchase your new one, we can handle that too).

Kusler’s network of trusted industry partners includes all of the specialty professional services that you’ll need along the way. We can introduce you to: USCG captains, fishing guides, marine surveyors, marine lenders, marine insurance providers, specialty technicians (i.e. diesel and outboard mechanics, electronics techs) and arrange sea trials.

4. The Offer and Closing

Armed with an analysis of the boat market, you can make your offer with confidence. Kusler’s team of experts are experienced in the process of acquiring a boat and everything (interpreting the survey report, making the offer, the negotiation—everything) that goes with it.

Kusler Yachts can lead you from initial offer to purchasing the perfect boat for you. Our team are experts in yacht closings—and satisfying all of the regulations in the state or nation of purchase.

We are working to reinvent the sales process—exceeding your expectations at every step.

Our closing services provide confidence and peace of mind that registration, documentation, title and certificates of ownership, bill of sale, tax payments, LLC transfer (for tax purposes), licensing and security agreements are in order. After all, you have just bought the boat of your dreams to enjoy it—not to worry about all of the details. 

5. Making Your New Boat Perfect for Your Vision

Once you own your new boat, Kusler Yachts can help you make it perfect for the whole family. If you have purchased a vessel built on the East Coast (the majority of them are), we can suggest modifications that suit West Coast applications.

If necessary, Kusler’s team can also handle the logistics—transport, shipping by land or by sea, import or export– of getting your new boat delivered to the destination of your choice.

Kusler Yachts can then help locating a slip. We also offer Yacht Management Services at a fee—with customizable plans to fit the exact needs of your program.

6. Being Part of the Kusler Yachts Family

Once you have purchased the boat of your dreams and outfitted it exactly to your specifications, your Kusler experience is far from over. While some brokerages might toss you the keys—never to be heard from again—Kusler Yachts’ business is built on lasting relationships.

Our network becomes your network. From our favorite fishing and cruising destinations and service provider recommendations to captaining a vessel and boatsmanship 101, we’re here to help.

Our team consider themselves captains and boaters rather than “sales people”. President Michael Kusler Graduated from a Merchant Marine Academy and holds a USCG master license.

In fact, the majority of the team at Kusler Yachts holding USCG licenses. With 50+ years of combined on-the water experience you can be confident in the information and instruction you receive from one of our highly trained professionals.


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