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Inspired by the lines of the lobster boats he’d seen while racing in the US, CEO Mark Richards decided to design and build what he called a ‘sailor’s power boat’ – a highly efficient, high speed cruising motor yacht. He studied the competitors and found them to be heavy, unstable and wildly inefficient. So, drawing from his racing experience, he set out to build a lighter boat, one whose hull gave a fine entry into the water, a softer ride and consumed only half the fuel. Working with basic 2D drawings, he created the concept of the first PB38 and immediately sold four of them off the plan. This was the launch of Palm Beach Motors and it created the mold for their way of working, standards, values, and ambitions.

Palm Beach Yachts centers itself on achieving maximum rigidity and strength while maintaining optimal weight and balance. This is the equation that explains the high levels of safety you can expect of their yachts in all conditions. The hull is formed from a ‘sandwich’ of premium grade e-glass with a water resistant, closed-cell foam core. This highly buoyant combination is then vacuum infused with Vinylester in a process that ensures the perfect ratio of resin to material. Using a similar infusion process, the deck and superstructure are formed from unidirectional carbon fibre that delivers the best possible combination of strength and weight reduction.

If good is the enemy of great, Palm Beach Motors shows that great is the enemy of perfection and that’s the standard they strive to achieve. You’ll find evidence of this philosophy in every nook and cranny of their yachts. For example, all of the teak they use is book matched to ensure consistency of grain and color. You’ll find all bolts have been torqued to ensure that the correct tension is visibly maintained. Duck into the engine room and you’ll find that the arrangement of every pipe and conduit is equidistant and perfectly parallel. Kusler Yachts is conveniently located in San Diego, devoted to serving customers across California and Mexico. Contact Kusler Yachts to learn more about Palm Beach Yachts for sale in San Diego, California.

Classic Series

Inspired by the lobster boats of Maine, the graceful, sweeping lines of a Palm Beach are instantly recognizable. It’s a style they’ve been refining for over twenty-five years and is now one of the hallmarks of the Palm Beach brand.

But while the exteriors always attract admiring glances and comments at
the dock, the interiors are a testament to a perfect harmony of design and craftsmanship – expansive, luxurious, ergonomic to the nth degree. Spend just a few moments on board and you’ll see that the attention to detail is unparalleled.

Palm Beach 42

The PB42 has all the amenities of a much larger yacht – a climate-controlled-salon, a luxurious master stateroom and options for upper or lower galley to create the space you need.

Palm Beach 45

An extraordinary combination of luxury, power and fuel efficiency. With a cruising range of 325nm at 23 knots, the PB45 combines the softest ride with unbeatable ease of handling.

Palm Beach 50

The PB50 is rightfully regarded as a contemporary classic. Exquisitely beautiful, luxurious, stable and fast – head-turning beauty combined with class-leading efficiency.

Palm Beach 52

Agile yet stable, the PB52 is a high-performance yacht with a top speed of 31 knots and a
highly efficient cruise speed of 24. The 17’ 2” beam creates expansive entertaining areas that
are furnished in golden teak and exquisite fabrics.

Palm Beach 55

While luxury and performance are standard features on the PB 55, this “Best Boat Over 30 ft” winner offers the broadest range of bespoke options.

Palm Beach 65

The epitome of Palm Beach’s fanatical attention to detail, the opulent interiors and spacious floorplans can be customized to suit any taste, style and requirement. This is perfection.

Palm Beach 70

The PB70’s unique hull form delivers peerless efficiency and stability while the 19’ 2” beam creates internal spaces of stunning, customized luxury for entertaining and on-board living.

GT Series

From the outset, Palm Beach Motor’s intent with the GT models was to create a highly contemporary alternative to the traditional style of the Palm Beach range.

While maintaining the integrity of their design and construction techniques, they’ve introduced options that achieve a sleek and chic appearance with luxurious and ultra-modern interiors.

Step onboard and you’ll soon discover that both the GT50 and the GT60 deliver a bravura performance of elegance, comfort and power.

Palm Beach GT50

Sleek lines, ultra-modern interior and heart pumping performance make the GT50 a joyrider’s delight.

Palm Beach GT60

Spacious, luxurious, the very embodiment of cutting-edge design, she outperforms on every level.

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Kusler Yachts has been in business since 2010 and is one of the most successful yacht brokerages in Southern California cumulating over 50 years of on-the-water experience.

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