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Yacht and Boat Transport

Getting Your Boat from The East Coast to the Pacific

Kusler Yachts’ expert team knows the ins and outs of yacht transport in a number of capacities. Whether it be by land or sea, our team can handle the logistics of getting your new boat from the East Coast to the West Coast destination of your choice.

Our expertise puts a world of new and used yachts at your fingertips. Kusler Yachts can help you buy the perfect boat—wherever in the world it may be—and have it delivered to the destination of your choice.

Here is an overview of your options.

Yacht Transport Ships:

The yacht transport industry has revolutionized modern boating. In addition to being able to ship your boat to the far side of the globe once you own it, yacht transport has connected the market for new and used yachts around the world.

Once you’ve purchased your vessel and completed your desired refits, Kusler Yachts can source a USCG licensed captain to deliver your vessel to the port where it is to be loaded on the yacht transport ship. The transport company then loads your boat on a large ship and delivers it to the destination of your choice—in California, Costa Rica, Mexico or even Hawaii.

Kusler Yachts client Ron Gladnick shares his experience building a new 41 Albemarle sportfisher with Kusler Yachts. The boat was delivered to Baja via yacht transport.

Vessels coming from the East Coast transit the Panama Canal in route to a list of drop off points on the Pacific Coast. This method of delivery saves money, is insured, and saves wear and tear on the vessel.

Yacht Transport By Road:

For vessels that below width and length thresholds, Kusler Yachts can arrange the delivery of your new boat by truck.

Making the Trip on Its Own Bottom:

For those who are up for an adventure, Kusler Yachts can provide expert advice on how to bring your East Coast boat to the West Coast on its own bottom.

The trip generally involves bringing the boat to South Florida, jumping across to the Bahamas and transiting the islands of the Caribbean to Colon, Panama and the mouth of the Panama Canal. From there, you transit the Canal and head north toward Costa Rica and beyond.

Kusler Yachts can recommend delivery captains and crew, along with information on custom clearance protocols and marinas and fuel stops along the way.

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