2019 Regulator 31: Low Hours, High Performance, Lots of Features.

July 21, 2021


Kusler Yachts’ newest listing– a 2019 Regulator 31– would be a head turner any time it came available. Given the current market conditions, however, marked by scarce inventory and where demand exceeds supply— this low hours, feature-rich 2019 31 Regulator is a rare opportunity. Asking price is $339,000.

Not only does the boat have only 175 hours and a Seakeeper 2, it is located in a dry stack in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. While transportation can be arranged for the boat’s use in other locations, it also makes for a turnkey addition to a Baja fleet.


The 31 Regulator’s performance features and hull design are ideal for the modern approach to sportfishing. The boat’s full walk around makes it a great platform for casting to striped marlin. It’s large cockpit and riggers also equip it well for trolling and live baiting for blue and black marlin. The boat’s power package and comfortable ride make it quick and maneuverable. The necessary attributes to run and gun for yellowfin and bluefin tuna as well.

Why buy from Kusler Yachts? We are transforming what you can expect from a yacht brokerage.  

In fact, the 31 Regulator is a great platform for a wide variety of offshore and inshore sportfishing applications—in Baja, southern California and beyond. The boat provides the space and performance to accommodate everything from tournament fishing to boat trips up and down Pacific and Sea of Cortez.


What follows is some perspective to the benefit of owning this vessel. It is informed by the conditions that drive the current boating market and by the performance of the boat itself.

Everything You Need In A Center Console

Performance and durability that define the Regulator brand and every boat it produces.  Regulator’s construction methods produce a solid platform that is free of shutter. Regulator boats  handle seas, ride comfortably and fish at a high level.

Read Kusler Yachts’ breakdown of the benefits to ownership of a Regulator boat.

Building on its Regulator pedigree, this 2019 Regulator 31 comes with a full compliment of features, including: twin 300 Yamahas, upgraded Garmin Offshore package, dive door, custom trailer, Taco Grand Slam 360 outrigger base with carbon fiber, telescoping posts, a Seakeeper 2—with extended warranty, an upgraded Polk entertainment package and more.

Context for this 31 Regulator

If you are in the market for a high-performance center console and wish to purchase a boat now, consider this one. This boat, however, is not likely to last.

The Kusler Yachts Mid Year Market Update breaks down the current market conditions.

Kusler Yachts listings currently average less than 45 days on the market. Clean, late model listings currently sell within weeks—sometimes days of listing.  Kusler Yachts provides this market insight not to apply sales pressure, but rather to inform. If you’re interested in moving on this boat, give us a call and we can begin the process.


Not only does the used boat market have low inventory right now, wait times define the new boat market. Given this boat’s low hours and high end feature package, taking ownership of this boat is nearly the functional equivalent of buying a new boat—without the wait time.

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