Client Profile: Matt Wiener, Regulator 31

April 23, 2021


The Regulator 31 is a high-powered, versatile center console that is ideal for a wide range of fishing applications. The Mexican Baja– with its diversity of fishing targets and variety of travel experiences—is an ideal destination to own and operate a 31. For proof of this statement, just ask Matt Wiener, the man who will soon take delivery of a 2022 Regulator 31 in La Ribera, Mexico.

The large, open cockpit and mezzanine of a Regulator 31. 

Michael Kusler, and the team at Kusler Yachts, worked with Wiener to order and build a 31 to suit his fishing vision. From ordering the boat and customizing the options to arranging for delivery from North Carolina to the Baja, this is the story of the Weenmachine.

The Backstory

“Michael Kusler was great. The process was as easy as it could possibly be,” describes Matt of how the boat came to be.

Wiener owns a 25 Regulator— a vessel that he will trade in as he upgrades. “The boat will stay in Costa Palmas in the Baja and will be used often—to catch lots of fish. We are super excited about it,” he says.

The new 31 will be delivered on a trailer from North Carolina to the Four Seasons Resort in Los Cabos. “Michael Kusler has handled all of the logistics of the delivery. This is my first time working with Kusler Yachts. I came to know them as they are the West Coast dealer for Regulator,” Matt describes.

Matt incorporates an extensive list of customizations into his upgrade. The result: A boat well equipped for not only targeting marlin, tuna and dorado, but ready to host boat guests and travel as well.

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This 2022 Regulator comes well equipped for whatever the Baja throws its way. Powered by twin Yamaha XF425s, the Weenmachine features an EX autopilot, the Helm Master system and a joy stick.

Regulator 31 pictured with Sureshade option. 

A Seakeeper 2 stabilizes the boat’s abaco blue and white hull. The cockpit features Regulator’s 3X mezzanine seating and tackle station. The T-top hosts the innovative and functional sureshade and carbon fiber outriggers. The boat’s electronics package features two 16-inch multi-function displays, an open array radar an Airmar wide beam CHIRP transducer.

The Boat’s Awesome Name

The Weenmachine’s logo. 

Matt Wiener enjoys fishing and life. This joy comes through clearly as he describes his plans for the boat and the inspiration for its name.

“The boat will be called the Weenmachine. It was a nickname I got in college. You can’t take yourself too seriously—I try not to. You’ve got to have fun with it.”

Come August, you can find the Weenmachine catching marlin and tuna in and around Los Cabos.

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