Hatteras 45: A Picture of Versatility and Performance

April 27, 2021


The Hatteras 45 is an incredibly versatile vessel—one that is well suited to a variety of West Coast and Mexico fishing applications. The West Coast Hatteras dealer, Kusler Yachts has a great deal of experience working with clients to build out and customize Hatteras boats for the west coast.

From the ease of operation to the versatility of function, what follows is a break down of the benefits of building a 45 Hatteras with Kusler Yachts. There is perhaps no better proof of Kusler’s experience building out West Coast sportfishing rigs than showcasing one in action.

The Tuna Melt: 2020 45 Hatteras HTX

The Tuna Melt, a 2020 Hatteras 45HTX, is a west coast tailored Hatteras. Michael Kusler, president of Kusler Yachts, worked with the Tuna Melt’s owner and the Hatteras team to order and customize the boat for its specific application.

From its port of call in Balboa Island, the Tuna Melt slays bluefin. While the bluefin fishery in Southern California is such that catching tuna is no surprise, the boat’s build incorporated many West Coast modifications designed for this very purpose.

From the large, custom bait tank—complete with rod holders—installed in the cockpit to the mezzanine seating, getting on the bluefin informs the Tuna Melt’s layout. When it comes to features and hardware packages, there is no right or wrong boat.

The perfect boat is not something that simply rolls out of a boat yard. A boat becomes perfect when designed and built to accommodate the applications and activities that define its use.

These applications may be different for each program. They depend on what the owner would like out of a boat and how he or she plans to use the boat.

Why Buy from Kusler Yachts? We are redefining what you can expect from the yacht brokerage process.  

The team at Kusler Yachts understands the fisheries in southern California and the Baja. Kusler Yachts also understands the boat build process and the landscape of systems and hardware options that define sportfishing these days.

Our process then involves speaking with clients to understand how they wish to use their boats. We then translate this vision to the team at Hatteras to ensure that the end product is delivered ready to fulfill the vision.

Visions for the Hatteras 45

Full Specs

The Hatteras 45 HTX available in a variety of configurations– open version, hardtop express and HTX with fly bridge option. No matter the setup, the boat offers versatility.

At 45 feet, this model combines the manageability and range. The boat can be fished by an owner operator or the owner who wants to hire a captain (without need of a full crew). See the Hatteras 45 write up from the manufacturer.

The Hatteras 45 is an ideal platform for a variety of adventures. From bluefin to Mag Bay on your own boat….. 

The boat is ideal for day trips targeting bluefin or swordfish in Southern California. It offers the range and accommodation necessary for extended trips. This makes the boat perfectly suited for Baja excursions on the Pacific or to the Sea of Cortez.

When you add the performance specs of the vessel—24-26 knot cruise, 34-36 wide open throttle—the boat’s appeal is even more evident. The Hatteras 45—especially when tailored with the help of Kuselr Yachts—is ready for anything.

What can this mean for you?

Work with Kusler Yachts to Build Your Hatteras 45