Kusler Client Profile: Ron Gladnick, Whopper Stopper

April 19, 2021


“This will be the 9th boat that I’ve owned. Mike is the best dealer that I’ve worked with,” begins Ron Gladnick, describing the process of building the Whopper Stopper—a brand new Albemarle 41 Custom Carolina Edition. “He takes a real interest in the boat and the client.”

“This boat is as well rigged as it can be,” Gladnick continues. Ron lives in Solana Beach, California and plans a fishing program that includes bluefin fishing in southern California and taking advantage of all that the Mexican Baja has to offer.

The Process

Gladnick worked with Michael Kusler and the team at Kusler Yachts to order and custom rig the 41 Albemarle for his West Coast style of fishing. “We have four Hooker 4500 pumps so that will be plenty of water flow for the bait tanks and the tuna tubes. The boat also has multiple transducers. We looked after many small details that will make it a much better vessel to work with,” Gladnick describes.

For more on the 41 Albemarle 41 Custom Carolina, check out the Kusler Yacht Blog. 

“This was my first boat with Michael,” he says. “We had been looking for a used 40’ Cabo but couldn’t find one that we liked. One day, after taking a bluefin charter out of San Diego… I called Michael and said, ‘Let’s order a new boat.’”

Just how good is the bluefin fishing off of Southern California? It can be good enough to make you buy a new boat.  

The Whopper Stopper

“Every boat I’ve ever owned has been called the Whopper Stopper—since my 13’ whaler,” Ron says. Gladnick grew up on Long Island and has been fishing since he was a kid. “I’d fish in a puddle,” he says with a laugh. “In high school I worked as a deckhand out of Captree and on private boats out of Montauk.”

“I had a 32 Albemarle previously so I know what kind of boat they make,” Gladnick explains. “I’ll be taking delivery in La Paz and will be fishing in Puerto Los Cabos. We will bring the boat to San Diego in the summer for the bluefin season and will return to Cabo in the fall for the Bisbee’s.”

Currently, the Whopper Stopper is aboard a yacht transportation vessel in Colon, Panama. It is awaiting entry into the Canal. Gladnick follows the Whopper Stopper’s progress on the Marine Traffic app.

“The boat is supposed to arrive in La Paz on the 6th of May. Michael is planning to come down when I take delivery.”

An East Coast Build of a West Coast Vessel

Albemarle boats are manufactured in Edenton, North Carolina. Kusler Yachts is an authorized West Coast and Mexico Albemarle dealer that specializes in leading clients through the build process. The Whopper Stopper provides a case in point.

“The build was seamless. Mike had great communication with the factory. We probably had about 10 conference calls with Burch Perry (Albemarle’s general manager and senior vice president),” Gladnick explains. “Everyone was working together in understanding the final outcome.”

The result? A fully rigged boat that’s ready for a variety of West Coast fishing applications. “Everything is integrated into this boat that can be integrated. We have kite reel electronics under the gunnel. We plan to mold in a bottle holder for the helium tank in the same space—the port stern corner—where we’ll place the bait tank,” Ron describes.

Getting it Right

Other West Coast adaptations include: an extended bow rail, the 75/80 gallon bait tank, monitor placed on the back of the hard top, and gaff holders in the cockpit. “The tuna tubes and helium tank holder are coming. We may add a bow tank, but haven’t committed to that,” Ron says. To round out the package, Gladnick order a custom 38 rod set from Jim Trelikes of Web Spinner Custom Rods.

This article serves to put whopper bluefin and big black and blue marlin on notice—the Whopper Stopper is coming. Look for Ron and his beautiful new ride plying the waters of Southern California and the Baja.

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