The Hatteras Acquisition

May 22, 2021

Kusler Yachts provides insight and updates on the acquisition of Hatteras Yachts.

The White River Marine Group, part of the Bass Pro Shops family of brands, purchased Hatteras Yachts and facility in New Bern, North Carolina. The White River Marine Group is the world’s largest boating manufacturer. Its holdings include lines: Ranger, Mako, Tracker, and a number of others.

The White River Marine Group boasts a long history of boating innovation. Its origin lies in the 1978 when Johnny Morris introduced the Bass Tracker. The Tracker was bass fishing’s first every ready-to-fish boat, motor and trailer package.  The company’s platform and history of innovation are well suited to ushering in the next era of Hatteras.

Rendering of expanded Hatteras Yachts facility.

With the acquisition of Hatteras, the company plans a large investment in the New Bern, North Carolina facility. In addition to continuing to produce Hatteras Yachts, White River Marine Group plans to relocate its Mako and Ranger Saltwater manufacturing to North Carolina. The vision includes expansion of the Hatteras yard, both increasing capacity and providing a saltwater base of operations for White River Marine.

Johnny Morris on the Purchase

Johnny Morris, owner of Bass Pros Shops and White River Marine Group, announcing the purchase of Hatteras Yachts. 

The move brings clarity to the situation surrounding Hatteras Yachts. It also promises stability. Johnny Morris, the owner of Bass Pro Shops and the White River marine Group, described the acquisition with genuine passion and excitement.

“We are inspired by the many similarities between the pride and passion of the master boat builders from our home in the Ozarks and the legendary boat builders of North Carolina and the New Bern area in particular. Both share the same genuine commitment to American craftsmanship, with scores of family members working together and generations of highly experienced boat builders taking pride in what they do,” said Morris.

“We’re committed to support Hatteras in staying true to its roots as a legendary saltwater brand built by a passion for fishing while expanding our operations to better serve all those who love the sea,” explains Johnny Morris.

The acquisition, announced on Thursday May 20, 2021, was a well-guarded secret. The announcement showcased White River Marine Group’s excitement and incredible profile. In attendance were not only Johnny Morris and the executives from WRMG, but also North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and Nascar legend Richard Childress and Daytona 500 winner Austin Dillon.

The Tracker car made an appearance (and did an awesome burn out) on the floor of the Hatteras plant. 

Keeping You Up to Date

Kusler Yachts maintains deep connections with the Hatteras brand and in its developments. We’re committed to keeping Hatteras owners (current and prospective) up to date as the situation moves forward.

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The initial reaction from the sportfishing industry has been overwhelmingly positive. Morris announced sweeping donations to conservation groups in North Carolina and those dedicated to offshore fishing.

This is an exciting time for Hatteras and those who love the brand.

For more information, see the complete press release, 210520 WRMG Hatteras release – FINAL (1)