Hatteras 65GT Carolina: Ready for Anything

February 3, 2021


The Hatteras 65GT Carolina opens a world of fishing and travel opportunities. 

The latest evolution of Hatteras’ iconic GT Series, the 65 isquipped with all of the options, performance and amenity that you’d expect from a modern sportfisher. It also reflects Hatteras’ tradition of groundbreaking performance—a heritage that dates to 1960 and the production of the world’s first fiberglass hull greater than 30’ in length.

Kusler Yachts is the West Coast leader in sportfish vessels and a Hatteras dealer. The expert team at Kusler Yachts specializes in helping clients build and take delivery of the boat that perfectly matches their yacht ownership vision.

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The Kusler Team can lead you through the process of owning the new Hatteras GT65.

What Can The 65 Do For You?

The number of options made possible by a modern, fully-equipped 65-foot sportfishing vessel is incredible. Consider the performance attributes of the 65GT.

Range, Speed and Performance:

65 hatteras gt running offshore

The 65GT is ready to go… anywhere.

At a wide-open throttle, the 65 can reach 35-37 knots. The boat can get you there fast and at top end speed possesses a range of 406 nautical miles.

Cruising at 25-27 knots, the boat’s range is 469 nautical miles.

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Its range extends to an incredible 1,313 nautical miles if you slow boat at 7-9 knots (which coincidentally happens to be the magic number for pulling marlin plugs!) To put this into perspective, the boat’s 1900-gallon fuel capacity equips her with the ability to chug from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas and about half way back again on a single tank.

This range exists alongside the fishability, seakeeping and performance that are built into every Hatteras that exits the factory. For perspective on how well a Hatteras fishes, check out the tournament leader boards on the East Coast, Gulf Coast, Mexico and Costa Rica.

For a complete breakdown of the yacht transport options, read this.


Investment in a sportfisher represents much more than simply buying a fishing platform. In a very true sense, a yacht enables you to experience the wonders of travel on your own terms. Whether that means family time, weekends aboard the boat in a marina, or three-week international excursions– you define the experience.

salon of hatteras gt 65

Looking forward into the salon of the 65GT Carolina. The view is that of a floating luxury home.

It is this ability to make any number of things possible and comfortable that is the hallmark of the 65GT. The boat’s standard layout includes four staterooms, three heads and an ably appointed salon and galley.



The Hatteras 65GT quite literally allows you to travel and fish anywhere in the world. From Catalina Island to Cabo to Costa Rica and Hawaii, to the Caribbean or Australia—between the 65GT and yacht transport services, you are ready to go anywhere in the world.

For context, check out the story of the Post One—a 63 Hatteras GT that, with a mothership, has crossed the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans on her own bottom.

With the Hatteras 65GT your fishing adventures will be defined by your imagination, not constrained by the limits of your boat. A phone call to Kusler Yachts is the first step in making it happen.

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