The Unique Appeal of the Hatteras GT70

May 18, 2021

The GT70 from Hatteras is a tournament headliner. Available with five staterooms and four heads, the GT70 artfully combines high end fishability with luxury.

A 40-knot boat, the 70 cruises in the mid-30s in good weather. When its rough and sloppy, the boat handles itself comfortably in the 20 to 25-knot range.

From a tournament perspective, this is fast enough to get to the bait grounds first… fast enough to get your baits fishing first. While the boat’s specs are impressive, the true worth of the GT70 is measured by what it makes possible.

Have you ever dreamed of:

  1. Fishing the Bisbee’s, the Los Suenos Triple Crown, or the White Marlin Open.
  2. Spending a week on your own bottom fishing Mag Bay or Bermuda.
  3. Triple overnighter blue marlin fishing on the FADs out of Quepos.
  4. Fishing the black marlin season in Pinas Bay, Panama.
  5. Making the most of Southern California’s emergent bluefin and daytime swordfish fisheries.

From pulling 10 pound live baits to trolling ballyhoo– and everything in between, the GT70 is ready. 

The 70 opens all of these doors—and many more. Here is a breakdown.

Accommodation and Comfort

“I’ve operated quite a few sportfishers, this one is special. It has a wide beam and a great ride. There is not much weather than can stop it from cruising at 20 or 25 knots,” explains Captain Frank D’Anna.  D’Anna runs the beautifully appointed, superbly outfitted 2018 Hatteras GT70.

The salon and galley speak to the combination of art and performance that is the 70. 

“Under normal conditions, when the weather is good, it cruises at 33. When it’s low on fuel, it will run upwards of 40. It is a great riding boat.”

full specs 

It’s five stateroom, four full head configuration can capably house crew, owner and guests alike. “The layout is great. It has a forward and a master stateroom and three bunk rooms. Each of those has the option to remove the top bunk to provide extra space,” D’Anna explains.

The ride is that much more comfortable when outfitted with the optional Seakeeper package. The boat’s ample space not only houses a beautifully appointed galley and salon, but also fish boxes, bait tanks- space for tuna tubes and, if you are so inclined— plenty of room for an Omni sonar as well.

The engine room. Where (some of) the magic happens. 

Why Build a GT 70 With Kusler Yachts?

  1. Not only does the Hatteras GT 70 combine performance and luxury in the form of a sportfisher, but Kusler Yachts boasts a great deal of experience building them. A leading West Coast Hatteras dealer, Kusler Yachts’ specialty lies in working with design teams to incorporate your unique touches into the build—whether you plan to fish New England, Southern California, the Baja or anywhere else.

Why Buy from Kusler Yachts? We are transforming what you can expect from the yacht brokerage experience. 

  1. Kusler Yachts’ approach to building a Hatteras GT 70, or any boat for that matter, involves understanding your vision of boat ownership and how you plan to use the boat. We then work with build teams to incorporate the right hardware packages and design layouts to make it happen. The result not only produces the right boat for you, but saves time and money in the process.
  1. Kusler Yachts understands fishing, boating and the many dynamics of the boat ownership experience. Part consultant, part broker, Kusler Yachts is a trusted partner in the boat ownership experience—with the goal of getting you exactly what you are after.

The Hatteras GT70 can take you anywhere your fishing dreams can take you. 

The Hatteras GT70: One More Question

While Kusler Yachts can help you build a new Hatteras GT70, there is one question that you might have to answer for yourself. “Is the Hatteras GT70 a luxury yacht that is capable of high performance fishing?” or “Is the Hatteras GT70 a serious sportfishing platform that doubles as a luxury yacht?” No matter how you answer this question, the result is a wonderful combination that is ready for anything.

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