Kusler Yachts Announces East Coast Expansion

May 11, 2021

Kusler Yachts Expands Reach and Capacity with East Coast Locations. 

Kusler Yachts is proud to announce the opening of it’s second location in Newburyport, Massachusetts. While Kusler Yachts’ east coast expansion—opening June 1– is driven by business success and demand, it is also something of a homecoming.

A leading West Coast brokerage, Kusler Yachts made its name and forged its reputation in southern California and the Mexican Baja. Michael Kusler, president of Kusler Yachts, has deep ties to New England and an established East Coast clientele.

Michael Kusler

Michael Kusler, president, Kusler Yachts. 

In many ways, the expansion is a return to Michael Kusler’s roots. A graduate of the Massachusetts Merchant Marine Academy, Kusler worked in the Harbor Master Department on the Merrimack River in Newburyport, Mass before embarking on a career that ultimately led to the founding of Kusler Yachts in San Diego.

Expanded Reach and Capacity

Kusler Yachts has long benefited from its connections on the Atlantic coast. The Massachusetts location serves as a beachhead to more easily execute the hundreds of east coast deals that Kusler Yachts performs each year.

Why Buy from Kusler Yachts? We’re taking our customer centric approach to yacht buying to all corners of the United States. 

From Downeast boats built in New England to the sportfishers and center console manufacturers in North Carolina, Kusler Yachts has its finger firmly on the pulse of the boating market. The expansion to New England reinforces Kusler’s presence where boats are manufactured. The move adds reach and capacity to the company generally—and to its San Diego office alike.

Guide to West Coast Yacht Ownership

Expansion, added capacity. East Coast and West Coast expertise. 

What’s next for Kusler Yachts?

You can expect much of the same… only better.

The company will continue to lead the Southern California sportfishing, center console and yachting market. Kusler Yachts will continue providing expertise for West Coast and Mexico-based boat owners—pairing clients with the vessel that best suits their vision of yacht ownership.

Kusler Yachts’ East Coast expansion reinforces the company’s reach and expertise

The New England location, however, is not the only news from Kusler Yachts. The company is also establishing a South Florida location in the fall.

With three locations—and coverage that spans the boating market—Kusler Yachts reinforces its commitment to change what customers can expect from the yacht brokerage process.  The same commitment, the same customer focus and expertise… added reach and capacity. The present is an exciting time for Kusler Yachts.

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