The Case for Buying a Regulator

January 25, 2023

What follows is the case for buying a Regulator Boat.

Kusler Yachts has been representing and selling the Regulator Marine center console product in California and Mexico for over 12+ years. Michael Kusler has personally sold and fished most every model in the line up. Here is his take on what separates Regulator from the rest of the pack.

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What Makes a Regulator?

“For me there are a several special aspects about a Regulator. The first is the construction of the boat,” Michael Kusler begins. “First they make the hull. Then Regulator has what they call grillage—it’s the stringer system of the boat. The grillage is built separately and dropped into the hull. It is then glassed in to become one with the hull.”

41 regulator coming at you

The Regulator 41 is a serious fishing machine. It also brings quite a bit of luxury and creature comfort to the table. 

“Next is the liner. The liner contains the fish boxes and the like. It is also built separately, dropped and glassed into the hull. After that, the deck is dropped in,” Kusler describes.

The result of this layered, integrated approach is added strength and rigidity. “This construction process eliminates shutter. When you’re pounding into a head sea or when you’re coming off of a big wave, you don’t feel the shutter that you sometimes do in other boats.”

As for the second component of Regulator’s secret sauce, Kusler credits the people behind the brand. “Regulator has won numerous awards for customer service,” Kusler begins. Based in North Carolina, while hospitality may come naturally, the company is dedicated to doing things the right way.

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“Regulator also pays incredible attention to detail. The commitment to the product is clearly seen at every station in the factory. When you visit the office and the shop, you witness the commitment to quality throughout,” Kusler offers reflectively.

The Regulator Customer Profile

With the many options on the center console market these days, what customer profile best suits the Regulator offering? After all, the perfect boat is not something that is built in a vacuum. A boat only becomes perfect when it ideally suits the vision of its owner.

“The thing that most stands out about Regulator boats are the creature comforts. While a Regulator offers high performance fishing ability, it is perfect for the owner that also wants to invite his family and friends,” Zorn says insightfully. “A Regulator can support hardcore fishability, but it adds an element of luxury.”

Matt Wiener built a 31 Regulator with Kusler Yachts. He details his experience and his plans for the boat. 

To provide context to this analysis, consider two levels of boat evaluation. The first involves strictly fishing— the ability to get to fish fast and catch them effectively.

In this level of comparison, buying a Regulator stacks up quite favorably with other options on the market. The larger Regulator models, when adequately powered, all can do around 60 miles per hour. They have live well capacity, are fully walk around, come with great electronics packages.  What’s more, with a bit of modification they can be equipped with tuna tubes—and can quite ably support most any offshore or inshore fishing application you might throw their way.

Buying a Regulator: A Comfortable, Dry Ride

The second level of analysis relates to comfort and the small touches that make hosting groups or family on the boat a pleasant proposition. It is here—especially when compared to other “high performance fishing center consoles”—that the Regulator shines.

In addition to the many small touches that now come standard, the Regulator is a heavy boat compared to other center consoles of the same size. This relates to the construction process and attention to detail.

What could buying a Regulator do for you? 

“Regulators are heavy. They have the power to push through seas. This makes for a smooth, dry ride in a boat that can handle rougher weather than other center consoles,” Kusler provides. The dry weight of the 37 Regulator with triple outboards comes in at 19,300 pounds.

The 37

“I am really excited about the new 37. It checks a lot of boxes—especially for West Coast anglers,” Kusler explains. “For one, it has a large in-deck fish box. It includes many other well-appointed fishing features as well. The 37 offers easy access to fuel tanks and the Seakeeper. It has under gunnel electric reel outlets and in-gunnel rod holders. Many things that used to be aftermarket addons are now coming standard.”

The Regulator 37 is a much heralded combination of performance and innovation. 

An added touch of luxury is Regulator’s proprietary MyHelm System that comes standard on Regulator 37 and 41 models. MyHelm makes operating the boat’s electronics straight forward and simple.

“It’s like having a remote start system on your car,” Michael says. “It streamlines the electrical system and makes everything intuitive. You can use the remote for the whole system rather than having to turn everything on and off individually.”

The larger Regulator models can support conditioned interior spaces as well. “The Regulator 41 has the option for generators, but the 37 will be the first model below 40’ that offer them,” Kusler describes.

The Regulator 37 launched in April 2021.

A Well Rounded, Ready for Anything Platform

Perhaps the most appealing thing about buying a Regulator boat is that it can do many things well. The boats are made for serious fishing applications. They also excel when it comes to family time, spending time on the boat or travel with friends who want a bit more out of the experience.

Looking forward from the cockpit of the Regulator 37. The boat is literally ready for anything. 

These amenities equip the boat for applications on the East and West Coasts. The same dry, comfortable ride that handles the Gulf Stream offshore of North Carolina makes the boat great for Baja or for chasing stripers and bluefin in New England.

In its high performance, well rounded package, the Regulator can compete with boats well larger than itself. “We sold a 34 Regulator with triple 300s that fished the Bisbee’s last year. After market, we installed a sea chest with Hooker Electric pumps to feed 12 tuna tubes on the transom. A great thing about the Regulator is that it has enough room on the exterior of the transom, in front of the motors, for a removable set of 12 tuna tubes,” Kusler explains.

regulator boats for sale

Across their sizes and models, Regulator Boats produce a platform that is consistently a well-rounded and ready for anything. If you are in the market for a new or used center console, consider the Regulator—it may well suite your vision of boat ownership.

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