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Yacht ownership opens the world and allows you to create incredible experiences. Owning a boat can mean many things: the centerpiece for years of quality family memories, a tournament fishing platform, having your own boat in the Baja—ready to fish whenever you are, a business tool that helps close deals.

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There are as many benefits to boat ownership as there are people who own them. Kusler Yachts has earned its industry-leading reputation by helping people from all backgrounds and experience levels make their yacht ownerships dreams come true.

Why Buy From Kusler YachtsReady to buy your Yacht? Contact Michael Kusler

Kusler Yachts specializes in helping clients get the right boat for their situations. This page showcases of our current inventory and provide insight into how we help clients make realize their dreams of boat ownership.

    Yacht Buying Tips

    Kusler Yachts’ listings are cataloged with professional photography and detailed descriptions. The listings provide an introduction.

    Once you find a boat that piques your interest, our experienced team of brokers can provide additional information and background on the boat. Each of our team members know boats and boat systems. We understand not only how to use and maintain boats, but how to match the right boat with the right person.

    In many ways, the scope of the service that we provide to our clients depends on their experience level.

    • If we’re helping a longtime boat owner with a full-time captain upgrade, the process likely involves using our industry relationships to start a custom boat build or source the right financing structure.
    • For clients looking to get into boat ownership for the first time, the first and most important step lies in making sure that they get the type of boat that will best serve how they will use it.

    The perfect boat is not one that is made or manufactured. A boat only becomes perfect when the right boat is placed with the right people—one that can deliver the types of experience that a prospective owner wishes to enjoy.

    When done right, the role of a yacht broker is multi-dimensional. Part consultant, part market analyst, part matchmaker. A good broker is one who not only understands boats, the boating market, and how the industry operates, but someone who knows when and how to apply this knowledge for the highest benefit of the client.

    Considerations for Buying the Right Boat

    Once you get a feel for the type of yacht that will best serve your needs, consider a few fundamental variables.

    Budget: The purchase price is just the start of your boating budget. Also consider how much you are comfortable spending on operation, maintenance and upgrading the systems on your boat.

    Size: When considering what size yacht works best for you, consider not just length overall, but the size of the cockpit (for serious fishing applications), the size of the salon and staterooms (for accommodation and travel), how much does the boat draft (for travel purposes), and its height (to ensure that your boat will fit where you plan to keep it).

    Systems, Function, Comfort and Purpose: Generally speaking, the more features your boat includes the more it will cost. Added systems will also incur additional maintenance cost through time. That said, owners are always well served to match a boat’s systems to the people who will be using it. If you plan to bring your family on the boat, a stabilizer can really make it more comfortable. If you plan to use your sportfisher for extended fishing trips in remote areas, you’d be wise to consider getting a boat equipped with back up systems (two generators, twin engines, etc.).

    Kusler Yachts has been helping clients realize the dream of owning a boat in the Baja for more than a decade. Here’s some insight and best practices….

    How to Evaluate Used Yachts and Sportfishers

    Preowned sportfishers and yachts offer a number of advantages. They are ready for purchase and you can take delivery immediately. Kusler Yachts’ team of expert brokers can help you evaluate the pre-owned marketplace and ensure that the boat you purchase is as advertised.

    A sportfisher or yacht has thousands of moving parts. It is a high dollar investment that is composed of multiple, complicated systems.

    How a yacht is used and maintained makes a big difference. In many cases, sportfisher or yacht that has been maintained by a professional captain and crew will be in better shape than one that has not. Knowing the specifics of how and where a used sportfisher or yacht have been operated can really help with making the decision of whether or not to purchase it—and what price it might command.

    Kusler Yachts maintains relationships across the sportfishing and yachting landscape. From boat builders, professional captains, service providers, technicians, boat surveyors, and marinas in Southern California, Baja, South Florida, North Carolina and New England, our team has its finger on the pulse of the boating industry.

    Put our resources and experience to work for you. When it comes to finding the pre-owned yacht or sportfisher—and evaluating its condition, our expertise can not only save you time and money, but directly benefit your ownership experience.


    The purchase of a yacht or sportfisher is a complex, high dollar transaction. Getting your boat at the right price involves understanding the market.

    Our 2023 Market Update provides insight on current market conditions.

    During some market conditions, your best approach involves decisive, immediate action (when you find the right boat for you, buy it). During other conditions, your best approach might involve being deliberate and negotiating.

    Our team understands the boating market. For more than a decade we have helped clients navigate the ups and downs. Kusler Yachts can help you understand which types of vessels are moving fastest and how that might affect your purchase decision.

    The relative pressure on inventory at different classes of used boats may make embarking on a new build your best choice. We can help you navigate the options and provide insight at every step.

    We also have relationships with lenders, insurance carriers, builders and other service providers across the industry. Buying a boat can be complicated. Our job is to make your journey a good one.

    Advantages of Yacht Ownership

    Yacht ownership is an incredible experience. In many ways, it opens the world.

    If you are based in Southern California, owning a boat opens the Baja, allows you to spend weekends in Catalina Island. You can kite fish for bluefin, daytime swordfish. Chase striped marlin in Cabo or giant yellowfin somewhere down in Mexico.

    If you’re in New England, the right boat can makes Block Island and Martha’s Vineyard accessible. There’s great bluefin fishing, canyon trips, and striper fishing. You can head to Montauk or down south for the winter. From our location in Newburyport, Massachusetts, we’re perfectly situated to help you take full advantage of all the New England’s waterfront has to offer.

    Customization: Making Your Boat Suite You Perfectly

    Whether it be building a custom sportfisher or integrating systems and features into a pre-owned yacht, the team at Kusler Yachts can help you create the perfect boat. We not only know boats and boat systems, but have relationships with manufacturers and service providers.

    Stabilizers, outriggers, fighting chairs, water makers, ice machines, HVAC, helm chairs, interior remodels… there are as many ways to customize a boat as there are boat owners. Kusler Yachts can help you with integrating these features into new builds or facilitating their addition to a pre-owned boat after purchase.

    Chartering Your Boat and Offsetting Expense

    Many owners choose to charter their boats to offset expenses while they are not using them. This option is especially popular in Los Cabos and North Carolina, but it’s a viable option in many places where you’d like to keep a boat.

    This approach not only allows you to generate revenue from the boat, but to offset expenses (once you’ve created the right accounting and business set up). The team at Kusler Yachts can provide insight into how the process works.

    If you’re in need of a full-time captain or crew, we can may be able to help with this placement as well. We’ve even been known to help with yacht delivery—be it on yacht transport vessels or delivery of a boat on its own bottom.

    Like we said, there are many dimensions of the yacht ownership experience. Kusler Yachts has helped clients make the most them for more than a decade. We’d love to help you, too.

    Sell Your Yacht

    Interested in Selling Your Boat

    When it comes time to upgrade to your next vessel, Kusler Yachts can help. Our listing average less than 90 days from listing through sale.

    Our team makes the process easy and straightforward. We help with pricing, preparation for sale and getting the boat in front of the right prospective buyers. For more on our approach, see this.

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