Exciting Times at Kusler Yachts

May 14, 2021

Right now is an exciting time for Kusler Yachts. The activities of this week provide a great indication of business, trajectory and expertise.

Perhaps the biggest news involves the announcement of East Coast offices in Massachusetts and Florida. The location in Newburyport, Mass is something of a homecoming.

Kusler Yachts second location in Newburyport, Massachusetts opens June 1. 

Michael Kusler graduated from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Newburyport before embarking on a career that ultimately led to the founding of Kusler Yachts in San Diego. Each year the company does hundreds of deals each year on the East Coast. These locations not only make east coast business easier, but support Kusler’s west coast capacity as well.

Most of the boat building in the United States happens on the east coast. The numerous service yards, technicians and marinas on the east coast can make performing a refit on a newly purchased brokerage vessel a good deal as well.

Why Buy from Kusler Yachts? We are transforming what you can expect from a yacht brokerage. 

In fact, connecting east coast builders with the west coast sportfishing scene has been a driving force for Kusler Yachts for more than a decade. The events of this week bring that into focus as well.

Yacht Deliveries in La Paz

This week also brings delivery of two yachts to Kusler Yachts in the Baja. Michael Kusler was on hand in La Paz to greet the Whopper Stopper, a 41 Albemarle Custom Carolina, and the Burro a Hatteras 65GT as they were delivered by yacht transport.

Here is a profile of the Albemarle, purchased by veteran owner Ron Gladnick. An interesting guy and passionate angler, Gladnick shares his experience building a new boat with Kusler Yachts, here.

The Hatteras GT65 is a wonderful all around sportfisher. High performance, fast, and comfortable this type of boat can take you anywhere… in the pursuit of anything. Congratulations to the owners of the Burro.

Here is a profile the Hatteras GT 65 and all of the opportunities that it affords:

Kusler Yachts: Added Capacity, Continued Commitment

These deliveries of east coast-built boats to West Coast-based clients underscores how east coast expansion increases capacity. Kusler Yachts has long prided itself on understanding the sportfishing landscape on the West Coast and into Mexico (and beyond).

Central to our commitment is the ability to incorporate west coast modifications into east coast builds. Working with clients and the build teams from brands like Albermarle and Hatteras, we ensure that the boats are built to optimize the brand of fishing for which they will be used.

Once the boats are manufactured, we also handle the logistics of getting them from the east coast to the west. This can take the shape of yacht transport ship (as it did with the Burro and Whopper Stopper) or sometimes overland transport—as in the case of the 31 Regulator, Weenmachine.

We also currently have a number of vessel surveys and haul outs in Southern California. Check out our Facebook and Instagram (@KuslerYachts) accounts for the latest.

If Kusler Yachts can help you on your journey into yacht ownership, give us a call.

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